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baby smiling, happy baby, little baby boy, baby boyI love posting photos of quotes and moments with my family on Instagram so I figured why not breathe life back into those grams by doing a quick recap of the week?

On Monday, I turned 25 years old. To celebrate, I shared a post about the awesome memories I’ve created throughout the years and the current blessings in my life. It’s always fun to think back at all the good times. Although Jeff couldn’t spend the entire day with us, we were able to have a wonderful morning and night together. Details can be found on my post from Tuesday.

I participated in the #SITSPhotoChallenge  this week and shared images of my boys. They brought back memories of the  afternoons at the doggy swim,  thoughts on how fast Sebastian is growing and how handsome he’s getting. And, how simplicity can be so beautiful.

I even reminded myself of the importance of just being me. Finding myself has been such a wonderful journey, and through it you develop a love for life and strive for something you never imagined possible. Taja Henson was my guest on MomViews this week. Taja had an awesome quote I had to share with my social followers. I guess Billy Nye was right, everyone you meet knows something you don’t.

Thursday was a continuation of the #AllYouNeedIsLoveProject, awesome weekly topics by Carmen ShuGar. It was all about warm memories of summer this week.

But now it’s the weekend and Jeff’s at work, so I’ll just relax with these two, get some laundry done and enjoy my Klout perk. 😉


Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!

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