New Year, New Chapter #31WriteNow

Jeff proposed once we were settled in our new home… And yes, it was emotional. Here’s why:

My life changed when I found out I was pregnant, but it was for the best.

Jeff and I weren’t married when we moved in together, let alone engaged, but we knew we had a big role to play in our child’s life. We were going to be parents. Forget what you hear about kids, let alone what you see. They change your life for the better. They’re a blessing.

I love every moment I have with my son but the family is complete without Rocky Rockster. Before meeting our little guy we took in a furry one. With love and patience, Jeff and I were able to make the best of the cards we were dealt. I knew that moving would be the best for us all when we weighed our options. Plus, Jeff already had his mind set on how Florida would be the best for us all. I just had to sit down with him and discuss it a few times to pull out his reasons why.

It’s been a few days, but I’m already loving it. The people and the atmosphere is different from Jersey. Everyone is happier, there are so many places to bring Rocky and Sebastian that I can gladly say we did the best for our boys.

Next month it’s back to work for Jeff. I’ll be home with the guys, holding down the fort. 😉

I’ll definitely update everyone on the new chapter of our lives each day – sorry for the last two. It’s been long days and tiresome nights, but it’s only the beginning.

‘Til tomorrow, folks…

(PS. There hasn’t been a signature in the last few posts because I’m posting from my phone).

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  1. congrats on the engagement xoxo but that pool oh i'm so jealous now hee hee

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