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My son just turned one, and just like his nutritional needs have changed, so has his hair needs. It is no longer short and straight. His curls are coming in, and I love it! Although I have battled with my curly hair for years, my son’s hair is a lot smoother because of Jeff’s genes.

I was so excited to try the Johnson’s No More Tangles products on my son. I already use the Johnson & Johnson’s Head to Toe wash, but it never hurts to try something else. The products arrived just in time for Sebastian’s night bath.

When I opened the box, I was surprised to see how big these samples were. It was like going to the store and picking up a bottle, or in this case three.

I love leave-in conditioners that smell really good, and the Johnson’s No More Tangle Leave-In Conditioner smells amazing! I could not wait to try it on Sebastian’s curls.



First,I washed his hair with the Johnson’s Shampoo/Conditioner. It had a great silky texture and made lots of foam. Sebastian loved it!



After washing his hair we tried the Johnson’s No More Tangles Leave-In Conditioner. This is probably my favorite of the three; it feels smooth on his hair, it is light-weight; and left his hair soft and manageable – even on the morning after. Adding Leave-In conditioner will be helpful for pool/beach days and other sunny days.


To prevent breakage, I used the Johnson’s No More Tangles Detangling Spray. Like the Johnson’s Leave-In Conditioner, the Johnson’s Detangling Spray helps lubricate his hair. I love how this product has the No More Tears formula because my little guy loves to move in his tub.

Have you tried the Johnson’s No More Tangles products on your little one? 

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