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Photo courtesy of ONLIBeverages,com

After attending the Baby Wearing Mini Session last week I came home with two bottles of ONLI Beverages. I took the first bottle from the event because I was thirsty and did not realize there was already one in our take-home goodie bag. 
ONLI Beverage Lemon Watermelon

Photo courtesy of ONLIBeverages,com

I went for the Lemon Watermelon flavor because I love anything with watermelon and I thought it was an interesting mix. The taste was amazing! Even Jeff liked it. He compared it to one of the Mike’s Hard Lemonade alcoholic drinks. This was a bonus for me since I am still breastfeeding and cannot have alcohol, and to top it off, these fruity sparkling water drinks are light on sugar. 

ONLI Beverage Hibiscus Pomegranate

Photo courtesy of ONLIBeverages,com

The second I tried was the Hibiscus Pomegranate. It is unsweetened. I typically do not like unsweetened drinks. They taste funny to me. I am a fruitjunkie, so I am used to the fructose. The flavor in this drink is very smooth. It was nice to be able to sit at the dinner table with my family and enjoy this refreshing beverage while Jeff had his beef. Although there are moments I miss sipping on an Amaretto sour, having an ONLI beverage (or two) really does the trick. The best part is, these beverages are sold at our local Publix, so I am planning to pick up a box for our next family event — or dinner 😉 

I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday! 
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