Our Christmas Tree

Our Christmas TreeWe’re getting ready to head down south next month and we figured there’s no point in putting up a Christmas tree. We do, however, have the best one standing outside our home, covered in snow. Rocky claimed it a long time ago when he peed on it — which he continues to do each day.

It was the first snowstorm of the season and it was beautiful. I know we won’t be able to see this where we’re headed, nor will Sebastian remember these moments. I’m glad Rocky was able to enjoy his time at the dog park earlier — minus the little fight he got into with another husky. One thing I’ve learned about huskies since having Rocky is that they can be very territorial. And I don’t mean him, I’m referring to the other guy.

Here’s “Scar” aka Rocky’s new nickname.

Rocky's Scar

Poor baby. Jeff put some Neosporin when they got home which helped prevent infection. It might leave a scar. I hope it doesn’t… but if it does at least he takes something to remind him of his time in Jersey.

I hope we get to take a picture of Rocky in the snow before we head out. It’s one of the main reasons Jeff wanted to stay in Jersey a little longer, that and spend our last holiday in NJ with our family.

‘Til next time, loves.

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