Our First Date, Four Years Ago

If someone told me I’d end up marrying the guy who sat across from me while I financed my second car, I’d probably laugh in their face.

Although I did find Jeff very attractive when we met, I saw it as a business transaction. And of course, I was super nervous because it was my first time financing anything.

A Date To Remember 
We met in late June 2012, and went on our first date the following month. July 19th will forever hold a special place in my heart.

But I didn’t sit across from Jeff on our first date. In fact, there was another man there. And Jeff sat across from another woman.

Confused? I’ll explain. 

We went to dine at a local Cuban restaurant and seating for two had a longer wait than bigger parties. We spoke with a couple while we waited and joked about being a party of four. The hostess overheard our comment and said she would be able to seat us right away if we didn’t mind dining together. We looked at each other, and the guys said they didn’t mind as long as we were okay. We nodded and proceeded to a table of four by the entrance.

Jokes were flying everywhere, and eventually, we mentioned how it was our first date. The guy felt badly because he assumed we had been dating for months. It turned out that the couple had been dating for a few months and were just hanging out and decided to grab something to eat.

After a good hour or so, we said our goodbyes and the woman and I exchanged numbers and kept in touch. I even told her about our pregnancy and when we were moving to Florida. She updated me on her relationship status saying they decided to remain friends.

Although we lost touch, I never forgot about them and how cool it was to sit with complete strangers while we shared a meal.

It’s been four years since our first date, and although this may sound cliche, I knew the moment Jeff was okay sharing our first date with someone else that he was a keeper.

Not only were we comfortable with ourselves, but we were perfectly fine conversing with two people who we’d probably never see again. It was strange yet exciting. Those who know me know how not-so-random something like this would be. It just so happens that I met someone who doesn’t mind strange yet exciting things, too.


  1. Alexietyler

    HAH! What a cute meeting story!! That's so sweet! so amazing to see happy couples wit awesome date stories!

  2. Lucy's Cruelty Free Beauty and Living

    What a great story! I love that you guys did something so interesting on a first date:). It's like eating with strangers on a cruise lol

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