Our Last Baby

This is it.

We’re counting down the days until we’ll no longer be rubbing a baby bump to bed, or telling our boys about their baby sister in mommy’s tummy.

In less than a month, we’ll be welcoming the last of our tribe to the world. Although I’ve loved all my pregnancies, this one has been the toughest. Yes, it was unexpected, but we’ve been able to embrace it.

Getting A Kick (Or Two) Out Of It

Our boys are excited about having a sister and we can’t wait to see their reaction when they meet her for the first time. It’s been inspiring to watch the little ones discuss what it’ll be like to have a baby sister and how much they look forward to it. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about the idea of raising a little girl. I’m already tough on the boys, I don’t know if I’ll be the same with her.

Most of the time, the last child gets babied more than the others, and I hope I won’t do so with her. I know my husband will have a weak spot for her, he already does for the boys and his nieces. I can tell by her kicks that she’s going to be an interesting character. Strong and a bit opinionated. I say opinionated because she likes to throw kicks whenever I’m correcting the boys and she’s made me very opinionated during the entire pregnancy. So much so, it’s been an issue with my husband and me — sorry, babe.

Falling In Love Again
Being able to feel her inside me has been a wonderful reminder of what it means to give life and how we’ve been able to get to this point in our lives.

It’s taken us some time to warm up to the idea of raising three under five, but I know it won’t be as tough with my husband by my side. We’ve been through tough times, but they’ve never outweighed the good. That’s what’s helped us grow stronger individually and together.

This pregnancy has also helped me appreciate my husband more, not only for what he does for our family but for who he is. I’ve always admired his persona, but sometimes it takes a moment in time to make you realize how wonderful someone is.

Whenever I look at my husband, I see someone who isn’t afraid of challenging himself and others around him. He’s a breath of fresh air to those who know him. I can’t wait for our little girl to meet him.

Every day is a blessing to wake up next to my husband. I couldn’t imagine going through these life changes without him. Looking back at everything that’s happened in the past 5+ years makes me think how much patience it’s taken to reach this point. He’s been my rock through it all and I wouldn’t trade anything about how we’ve been able to get here.

The challenges we’ve faced before finding each other are what brought us together, but the challenges we’ve been able to overcome together have brought us closer.

Delivering our last baby is just one more stepping stone in our lives. We’ve got this!


  1. Congrats on your last bundle of joy! First of all those outfits are too too cute. Second it’s so great to hear how this pregnancy has broth you closer to your husband.

  2. Those outfits are absolutely adorable. I know that you will be over the moon once your last little one enters the world.

  3. Aww crotchet baby outfits. Looking at this makes me want not just one baby but multiple to put this on and take cute pictures.

  4. Oh, what a cute blog post!! Congrats on your new little bundle!!! I know that all will go well and I will be certainly keeping your family in my prayers. And remember, well-behaved women rarely make history. You oinionated little princess will be just what the world needs!!!

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