Our Last Weekend in Jersey #31WriteNow

I watched Jeff enter the house from a long walk with Rocky. He switched into his sandals and I remembered the many times I’d have them waiting for him after a long day from work.

Standing outside after mass Sunday morning I remembered how I used to come home to an empty each night after work during my pregnancy and how scared I was.

I’ll miss that funny feeling of moving in with someone for the first time. I remember buying cups, plates, grocery shopping, etc. those first few months.

Making his house our home will always be a great memory. I’ll be doing it again, except this time, we’re all making a new house our home. I’m excited, nervous and still in a bit of a shock this is all happening so fast. But you know what they say, life waits for no one.

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  1. you got this you can do it 😉

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