Our Wedding Night At Havana 1957

Havana 1957

I had already made arrangements for our wedding night celebration, and I knew I wanted it to be memorable so I chose Havana 1957 of Pembroke Pines as the perfect location. Not only is it fairly close to home, but it is a wonderful Cuban restaurant with an awesome atmosphere. A variety of music, tasty drinks (non-alcoholic for me!) and laughter all around — it was everything I had imagined my night would be.

Why I chose Havana 1957: 
This restaurant pretty much called my name. I was searching through Twitter one morning for news in Pembroke Pines when I came across a tweet. It was a promotion for the Havana 1957 located in Miami Beach. I did a little research on Google and found out it had great reviews from its customers and that there was one that was closer. This one also had great reviews so I told Jeff about it without realizing that if we reserved this restaurant for our wedding night dinner we would be celebrating at a Cuban restaurant, just like our first date!

Two weeks before our actual wedding, we decided to give this place a try, just the three of us. This way if we did not like it we could change plans and go somewhere else to celebrate our wedding. We loved it! And to top it all off, it was our son’s first time dining with just the two of us. He was so well behaved, it was amazing. He makes us so proud, even more so when a guest took one look at him when we came and said, “oh great, a baby.” I love how Sebastian proved her wrong in thinking all babies are the same. 😉

Being able to celebrate my wedding night with my family and friends was exciting. I love them so much for taking the trip, I know it was not easy. We would also like to thank the people at Havana 1957. Great staff. Awesome service! We will be returning to Havana 1957 very soon.



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