Oct 082019

Why Confidence Matters

speaking your mind as a mom, speaking up for yourself, speak up for others, having confidence, why confidence matters,

Your confidence matters, and there’s no denying how the way you feel can impact your child’s views on themselves. Learn how this mom makes time to talk to her children and understand why building your confidence is key to creating meaningful relationships.

Oct 032019

A Hug Is Never Enough

Never approach situations with fear in your eyes. The news about the man who hugged his brother’s killer is circling in the media. Here’s my honest opinion on what’s going on.

Oct 012019
taking toys away, cleaning your kids' mess, playing with your child, spending time with family, make time for family, playing with kids, learning to play with your kids,

We recently took the toys away from the kids. It was the best decision we’ve made. Taking away their toys helped them connect with each other and our dogs. Find out how else having no toys helped our children. #toys #holidayshopping #nomoretoys #punshingyourchild #raisingkids