You never know how fast things can escalate until someone draws the last straw. 
And fortunately, that was all I needed to open my eyes. 
After a verbally abusive relationship I realized I wanted more. And once he laid his hands on me, I knew it was over. 
I was 19, but I knew I deserved more. 
Change For The Better
He called me naive because I believed everyone was genuine. 
With him, I learned not to trust everyone. Including him. 
But when I walked away, I gained so much more. 
They say you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but you can always improve from it. That’s what I did. 
I didn’t go back to being just me.  I became a better version of myself. And everyone who knew this version of me loved her just as much as I had fallen for her. 
Strong, care-free, and most importantly, genuinely happy. 
That’s when I knew I was ready for true love. 
Because I knew how important it was to first love myself, and all the amazing people who cherished the person I had become, I knew that’s what I needed more than anything. And if at any point I was going to meet someone, this person would love who I was regardless. 
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