Parenting Before Your 30s

Becoming a parent at age 23 was exciting yet scary. When I hear of friends who are getting pregnant in their late twenties/early thirties, I imagine what life would’ve been like had I stuck to my original plan.

My five-year plan was to build my credit, purchase a home and meet someone to spend the rest of my life. Although I’ve been able to achieve each one of these milestones, I didn’t achieve them on my own.

Mr. Right At The ‘Wrong Time’
The day I met my husband was the day I decided to take control over my finances and invest in something more than my own cell phone bill. This investment was in the form of a second car. You can read more about how my husband and I met here.

Going from Ms. Indepent to a future Mrs. wasn’t the easiest transition. Most of the time I would split our belongings based on who had paid for it. I had a tough time considering his home ours when I moved in with him.

Looking back, I think about the time when he told me about wanting to move to Florida. We were just dating and I didn’t realize it then, but I was two weeks pregnant and feeling very emotional about the news.

For the first time in my life, I felt connected to someone and it seems as though my hormones had a funny way of showing it since I cried every single day thinking about his move. To my defense, we really did have a great connection and oftentimes we’d discuss the future. Although we never mentioned a future together, we did agree that the name Sebastian would be a great name for a son. And that’s what happened that same year — we were expecting a baby boy.

The timing might’ve not felt right, but it did help us put our big kid pants on and take each other a little more seriously. We joke that there was always something there between us, but neither one of us were willing to admit it. Getting pregnant allowed us to see beyond our own needs and work on what was right in front of us — everything we wanted and didn’t know we needed. 

Never Too Much
Parenting can sometimes feel like being a child in an adult’s body. I may love moments with our boys, but there are times I have to question my sanity. On most mornings I have to wake up like a drill sergeant and get the kids ready for the day. At night, the drill sergeant is way too tired to deal with anything and just lets the kids tire themselves out before bed.

It can be exhausting trying to keep little humans alive, but it’s definitely worth it to see their smiles. I love moments I get to steal with them before naptime. Their cuddles are the sweetest right before they go down for a nap, and they love using fleece blankets — a bonus because I love cuddling with fleece blankets!

I don’t know where life will take us, but I hope I live a life filled with many more of these happy moments. Most importantly, that I get to see our boys continue to hit their milestones.

When did you become a parent? 


  1. I became a parent even before my 20s. Even though, it wasn’t easy, I don’t think it ever is. Now I love that I’m a young grandparent. There are definitely positives and negatives.

  2. There are definitely times that I feel like a drill master! I hate that it feels like that but it’s what is needed to get them out the door.

  3. It is so true that when you have a child with the person you love, their needs come first. Parenting can teach you so much about yourself!

  4. It is funny how life happens and how we fight it so hard when the person is right. Parenting in my 20s was wonderful as I’m now enjoying it even more in my 30s!

  5. I was 23 too when I had my first child. Then 25 and 28 for my other two. Even though life is super busy (and crazy sometimes), my life wouldn’t be the same without my girls.

  6. I love your honesty. I was a young parent but I had so much experience helping to raise my younger siblings that I was confident in what I was doing. But yes, there are times when you want a break and it can not happen so you keep trudging along.

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