Parenting: The Juggling Act

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Parenting is all about juggling many things at once. Like most juggling acts, they get better with time.

People always ask how do I manage to find the time to do things, and my response is usually, “I find the time.” I often have to write things down, keep an on-going spreadsheet and notepad with everything for the day or week, and if I’m trying to get a head start on things, month.

Lately, there’s been one thing I’ve been neglecting. No matter how many times I juggle I seem to leave out the most important piece of this puzzle: me.

Your Health Is Wealth, So Treasure It
Keeping sane in a household of men is important for me, so there are times I have to wake up before sunrise and sleep after 11pm. It’s funny because I’ve always told myself, if it’s after 11pm and I haven’t finished, tomorrow is a new day. Well, sometimes a deadline can’t wait. More so when you’re with your kids all day.

The demands of everyday life can get overwhelming. I’ve discussed it in my recent post on how I’ve been dealing with mom guilt.

To help cool off some steam, I’ve gone back to working out. I know I mentioned all the different at-home workouts moms do on a daily basis, but it won’t target my “problem areas” as well as sit ups can.


I’m slowly getting back into my morning walk routine. Walking in the morning helps me prepare for my day and gives me some time to myself before everyone gets out of bed.

In case you needed a reminder of what it means to be a mom:

Simplicity Is Key
I read a post once on why moms are always so tired, and I always think back to it. Aside from the lack of sleep, there’s also the different things that fall on her shoulders. Every birthday party needs planning, every birthday present needs to be thought through. Oh, and to celebrate the holidays you need to plan ahead.

So, yes, I’m the mom who if she doesn’t need to do something, she doesn’t. I won’t send Holiday cards to family and friends or send anyone Thank-You notes for attending a celebration because it’s really not necessary. I may send you a text or even call attendees that same night or next day, but that’s it.


Are you juggling a lot lately? Here are five things you can do to make everyday life a little easier when things feel like they’re piling up: 

1. Tackle the most difficult/important task on your list first thing in the morning.
There are times I want to put off something for the last minute but I remind myself that regardless, it will need to get done.

2. Give yourself credit for what you’ve accomplished, no matter how small. 
Sometimes we beat ourselves up for not reaching a certain goal and forget how hard we’ve worked to get where we are today.

4. Set alarms. 
I’ve created a number of schedules to help keep myself organized throughout the week, but nothing beats a little reminder on your phone. Some people recommend creating timers for each task, I have yet to try this, so feel free to share your experience if you’ve done so.

5. Make your family a priority.
No matter what I’m doing, where I need to be or how exhausted I am, I remind myself about the importance of spending time with those I love.

Here’s a bonus tip: Setting alarms and having a schedule means nothing if the most important task is spending time with your family. That doesn’t need to be timed in. It should come naturally. 

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