Why Create A Peaceful Environment For Your Baby

If you find that you’ve encountered a fussy baby, then you might want to pay attention to their needs. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing my first night with son, nor did I get the hang of what each cry meant. Here’s what I did to keep him calm:

1) Played classical/lullabies : I’m not a music junkie, but I knew classical music would calm Sebastian down because we use the same method for Rocky while we’re out. I’d play classical music for Sebastian way before birth. Maybe Sebastian Bach was the inspiration behind naming our son? 😉

2) Check their diaper first: Most of the time babies feel uncomfortable because they just pooped themselves, wouldn’t you? Sebastian’s at a point where, if he pees, he cries, but I’m not complaining.

3) Pay attention to patterns: You’re going to be nervous, you might even get frustrated — more so at night — but you must remember that he’s crying because he has a need that hasn’t been met. For Sebastian it’s usually change of diaper, feed, burp and back to sleep. Once he wakes up, I start the cycles again. Sometimes he’ll stay awake after being burped. But I did noticed this pattern worked best while he was a newborn. That’s all they really do.

Now, he likes to interact while he’s up, but I can’t blame him. Mommy’s a social butterfly 😉

4) Rest when he does: You’ve probably heard this a million times, and I agree. It’s tough in the beginning because you’ll find that he sleeps for about an hour or two and wakes up screaming. You’ll think “how will I manage my time.”

Time management is critical when you’re a mommy.

I asked moms how they ever make time to do personal things such as blowdry your hair, paint your nails no one really gave me an answer. There are moments I have to sneak away to do these things. I’ll leave him with Jeff or wait ’til it’s late at night when I know he won’t wake up for a good 5-6 hours.

It’s not easy, but being a mommy comes naturally. Every baby is different, so test these tips out.

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