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Rove Container FruitsYou just never know where life may take you…

Eating a healthy balanced meal is tough when you are on the road, so to help control our rumbling tummies, we packed fruits and bits of muenster cheese for our trip last week. I am not really a fan of eating fast food and I strongly believe in Allison Barberi’s words: “…fruit is the ultimate fast food.”

Having fruit on our trip not only helped our cravings, but it also kept our little guy from throwing a fit. After all, being in a car for 2+ hours would drive anyone mad! Although we had packed turkey bacon bits for Rocky, we also used the muenster cheese as a snack for our pup. Sebastian always gets a kick out of feeding it to him 🙂 

With five compartments and very sturdy utensils, the ROVE 7-piece laptop iced Bento lunch box is perfect for on-the-go snacks. It can be used various ways and helps keep your meals fresh. We did not use the ice pack with our fruits, yet they were cool to the touch when we needed a few bites two hours later. The BPA-free Bento box comes with two utensils, a spoon and a fork. Sebastian loved poking the grapes and blueberries, it was actually one of the things that kept him from crying.

Morning Coffee Without A Spill
Rove Travel Mug
Even though we had everything packed and ready to go, there was still the “go” part. I always have my hands fun, and with the trip, we all had our hands full getting everything in the car. Holding a baby in one arm, our cooler with the snacks and the Rove travel mug in one hand was a little scary. At one point I had to let Sebastian down so he could walk while I put everything in the front passenger seat. Thankfully, it is leak-proof and I was able to bend down without any making any spills.

And it makes a nice click sound whenever you open and close the lid. The ROVE travel mug has 360 degree access and can be used with hot or cold beverages.

Fruit Water To Fruit Smoothies
Rover InfuserMy son and I are fruit junkies, and we are proud of it! Sebastian loves to eat fruits and as of late, he really enjoys fruit infused water. With the ROVE 20-ounce double wall flavor infuser tumbler, Sebastian and I can enjoy not only infused water, but other on-the-go-drinks like fruit smoothies. We ofter prepare fruit smoothies for lunch, but when have a busy day, we can blend and go with our ROVE tumbler. We had very ripe bananas left over from our trip and we used it for our banana and pineapple smoothie — you must try it! It was delicious!

Banana and Pineapple SmoothieI received the three products from ROVE and the Blaze PR team for my honest review. All comments and thoughts are my own. 


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  2. These are all good tips for those trying to eat healthily on the go.

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