MomViews: The Positive Side Of Letting Go

Parenting can be stressful. Making the most out of the time you have with your child might be on your mind, but then reality hits.

What’s reality, you ask?

Oh, you know, the tantrums, the sibling fights, and the “mommy look” moments you swore you were going to be able to handle. With multiples, this is an everyday thing — and sometimes they come all at once.

As I write this, there’s a child asking me to look and another crying because she can’t be on my lap to fall asleep.

Go ahead, judge me.

Eventually, the baby will fall asleep next to me because she’s too exhausted to care if I’m holding her. The kid running around will stop and start building with LEGO.

Maybe the best things in life aren’t planned, like this post, but they happen.

Having our first child was a dream, then we added two more. Now, I question my sanity on a daily basis. I’ve considered seeking help, but then I watched Workin’ Moms on Netflix and I realized it’s all part of being a mom.

When I started this journey, I never imagined how strong I needed to be to take on the role of being a stay-at-home mom. The reason I started this blog and turned it into a business was to help with finances, to keep doing something I love, and to be with the kids.

Trying to balance everything is really a jugging act. On most days I swear I have it under control, but there are some days that creep up. Those are the ones with four different piles of laundry screaming to get washed, dishes in the sink and toys — everywhere!

Give Up To Gain More

Last week, I had a call with a potential client. Although they offered me more than I typically charge, I turned it down. Not knowing if I was going to get another opportunity that week, I asked for less pay to gain my sanity.

Oftentimes when clients pay more they expect more from you — like your time, your sanity, etc. Fortunately, I made up for what I lost that same week when I landed a campaign with another local company.

They say you need to give a little to get more, and I have to agree. I also agree that giving up some to gain more comes in handy.

At one point in my life, I would drive myself and my family insane because I didn’t get a chance to finish things in time. I’d be tough on myself because it was hurting my reputation with clients.

After talking to them about what was going on, they understood. I guess that’s the perks of working with other parents. Around that time I had let go of three clients because I needed to figure out what was working and what wasn’t.

This was another time I gave up, and it was a good thing at that moment.

Everything Falls Into Place

Dropping clients did hurt me financially, but it gave me time to focus on other projects and build on potential opportunities. By letting go of those three clients, I’ve had more time to pitch brands and dedicate myself to helping my existing clients.

On good days, I can now properly manage my time. Let’s face it, we’re a family of three kids and two dogs. There’s always something that will pop up.

To help stay on top of the necessary things, I keep a bullet journal, a To-Do list and a notepad for ideas. It seems like a bit much, but it makes me feel more organized.

What are your thoughts on giving up for your sanity? Comment below with your thoughts!

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  1. I agree with you. Sometimes even I feel like I may loose my sanity. So I take a step back to think clearly. 🙂

  2. Great adage, ‘give up to gain more’. Letting go helps a lot!

  3. I guess it depends on the person’s personality and priorities. :0)

  4. I agree with your views. Right now I am drowning in tasks but I cannot say no or turn down clients. This is my bread and butter. I will work until I can. For me, the only obstacle I see is in a more effective time management.

  5. Omgoodness this post couldn’t have come at a better time. I am a mom of 2 little boys and a teacher. I took an extended maternity leave after 8 rounds of fertility treatment and a difficult high risk pregnancy. But this stay at home mom thing is much harder for me. I thought I needed a break from work, well now I need a break from staying home. I too pray everyday for patience and sanity. Being both a working mom and stay at home mom I don’t think any one is easier but I do think working is a better fit for me. I think I’d actually be a better mom too. I am exhausted alllll the time. I’ve picked up lots of part time work in education and of course started my blog while on leave. That’s been a lot for me but I need it for my sanity too. I think I’ll go back in the fall. 😉

    Hang in there mama! Nobody is judging you. Stay away from women who are. I think moms who work or stay at home are the most amazing humans.

  6. Yes, as a work-at-home-mom, I know the importance of not overworking/overbooking yourself. This helps for my self-care and sanity and also, the quality of my work.

  7. I totally agree with the idea of giving up for your sanity. Over my years here on the planet, I have been in charge of numerous things, art shows, concerts, clubs, etc… at some point someone else needs to be in charge. I let go of some things last year, more are going this year.

  8. This is awesome! It’s so important we priotize our well-being and saying no/giving up on things sometimes is a HUGE part of that. I’m sp glad you’re encouraging others to do this and happy you’re doing it for yourself ♡. Such a great message!

  9. This is so insightful as a parent! Love your postitive outlook!

  10. It’s always a priority to give more attention to our well-being. Letting go of the negative and empty things will make us more productive and happy.

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