Why I’m Over Trying To Be Supermom

I’ve given up on trying to be a supermom, and I’m glad I did.

When you’re doing your best to wear too many hats, there comes a time when you have to start taking them off. The amount of praise you receive when you’re doing it all is great. It’s not until you make one mistake that you realize the critics start to come out. The biggest critic is always the first one to talk. Can you guess whom that might be? It’s the person you see in the mirror.

Throughout the years I’ve had to learn how to balance money and time. Becoming a parent does that to you. You slowly begin to wish life was like school — focus on one subject at a time throughout the day. Let’s face it, life isn’t like that at all!

On most days, I’m trying to keep our little ones alive and entertained. Raising boys can be fun — the amount of energy they have throughout the day is inspiring. If only they had the same enthusiasm to run to the bathroom when potty training (our two-year-old), or to get ready for preschool throughout the week (our four-year-old).

Below are 3 main reasons why I’m over the whole “supermom” thing:
1. I don’t have the strength.
No matter how strong you feel today, you’re going to feel it tomorrow. You have to cut yourself some slack. You can’t take on everything.

2. I’d rather be sleeping.
I’ve always loved having an early bedtime. Since having kids, my 8pm bedtime routine has gone out the window. It also has to do with my husband working late. Whenever I get a chance, I sneak in a nap throughout the day.

3. My priorities are elsewhere. 
I’ve been asked several times to connect with family and friends throughout the week. At one point, I didn’t mind phone calls throughout the day, but I’ve reverted back to my old ways. A text is perfectly fine when you need to reach me to see how I’m doing. Managing a household, a blog and freelance work is time-consuming. You’re always thinking of ways to improve on all aspects of your life. Sometimes, that means another piece of the puzzle suffers. My social life is my family and my blog.

Things Get Better — I Promise!
Looking through last year’s bullet journal I realized that around this time last year we were beginning our home-buying process. I shared how we were able to do so in less than six months here. It wasn’t easy, but skimming through my notes and all the expectations we had while searching made me reevaluate my expectations today.

Carrying what feels like a watermelon around all day and caring for two under five sounds like a challenge, and it is. Some moms make it look so easy, but it isn’t. We’re all just doing what we think is best for our family.

I’ve looked around our home several times this month. January is the month most people work on their goals and get excited about starting fresh. I feel like I start fresh every day. One day might be filled chaos, while the other turns out to be a success (cue in birds chirping).

For us, it’s been a journey. Change is constant, and sometimes it happens more than we’d like it to. Embrace it.

A Better Version Of Myself
With the number of changes happening on a daily basis, sometimes it can be hard to keep up. I will admit that I get angry. I do lose my temper, but most importantly, I love our family. Whenever I lose my cool I try to remind myself that we’re in this together, and that talking it out — even with our two under four — it helps us understand what’s needed from one another. Most of the madness comes from not meeting our needs.

Tired? Cranky kids and mom. Hungry? Cranky kids and mom. Pregnancy has made me extra cranky when I don’t get a nap. I’ve been trying to squeeze one in here and there, even for just 10 minutes. It really makes a difference.

Are you or someone you know trying to be a supermom? Comment below. 



  1. Tomi Clark

    I think the attempt to be Supermom comes naturally for some of us and it’s only when we get to the point that we realize we can’t do it all that we really become the Supermom we really are.

  2. Kelly Reci

    This post really hits home from me. Sometimes, it’s hard to not compare yourself to others but I’ve learned over the years that it’s best to take a step back and just be grateful!

  3. notjustpaperandpaint

    I can so understand why someone wants to do all but sometimes it’s just not worth it. And when other Moms try to put others down by outdoing them is just petty.

  4. Everyday Made Fresh

    I tried so hard to be supermom all the time. Once I started working from home, and homeschooling my youngest, I realized that I’m supermom to her, and that’s all that matters!

  5. taylermorrell

    I don’t try to do everything. I’ve given up trying to compete with other Pinterest moms, especially when it comes to crafts and learning for my preschooler.

  6. Pam Wattenbarger

    It’s hard not to bend to the pressure to be supermom. We are all just doing the best that we can.

  7. Steph

    Survival and grace for however I make that happen is all I ask for on any given day!

  8. Sandy N Vyjay

    I feel mos in general are a little too hard on themselves and the race to being supermom takes its toll. I think they need to go easier on themselves.

  9. Debra Hawkins

    I’d rather be sleeping is pretty much my motto for everything. Having a 3-year-old who still wakes multiple times a night is rough!

  10. mommafitlyndsey

    yes yes yes! I love this! trying to be super mom or super anything is a recipe for burnout!

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