The #SnugglePowerIsReal With Robot Bunnies

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Transitioning your little one from your arms to their bed can be tricky. Oftentimes it might feel like you’re handling a ticking explosive.

Handling your child with care is key to a successful transition. Sometimes I hold my breath as I gently place them down so I don’t wake them up with my breathing. I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s all about how comfortable you make them feel. 

Our little ones have always loved being in our arms. If it weren’t for daily tasks, I’d be laying in bed with them all day. Honestly, we love sleeping, and the snuggles are never-ending in our home. 

Making Comfort A Priority

Comfort is important when you’re cuddling up with your kids, and ever since we received one of the Robot Bunnies Baby Blankies, our little girl is enjoying her naps again.

Just the other day, we were dealing with a first-class teething baby. Fevers, screams, endless crying — you name it, she was letting us have it. 

After a cool bath, we were able to bring her temperature down. While in her diaper, I was able to rock her to sleep. She put up a bit of a fight before going down, but her face began to relax once she felt the comfort of the Robot Bunnies Baby Blankie. 

Right now, Robot Bunnies has a Happy Bunny Gift Set that includes two Robot Bunnies Baby Blankies. It’s a great option for the holidays.

There’s something special about blankies, and the folks at Robot Bunnies understand the connection between a child and their favorite blankie.

Blankies can inspire feelings of love, warmth, soothing and safety. At Robot Bunnies, they are committed to making blankies that highlight these emotions and give back by donating a blankie to a child in need for every one they sell.

Each Robot Bunnies blankie is made of super soft polymicrofiber and luxe satin. These fabrics are lush, high quality and easy to clean. Simply put it in the machine wash on gentle/cold setting then dry flat or in dryer on lowest heat setting.

You can head over to the Robot Bunnies website to choose from a variety of colors and order yours today. Use discount code MTME20 at checkout and save! 

To learn more about Robot Bunnies and their products, visit their social channels below:

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  1. It does look so soft and cozy! I think no matter what age you are, you never outgrow the love of a comfortable blanket.

  2. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    Those blankets are sure to calm any fussy baby! This would be a nice baby shower gift! My godson could use one too. I will check out their website and pick a nice color.

  3. Aw little sweetheart. Teething is the worst. I’m glad she has the blankie to her feel relaxed and comfy.

  4. I am going to order one of these Robot Bunnies blankets for my neighbor who just had a baby. I love that they are lush and easy to clean.

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