How To Turn Your Patio Into A Romantic Getaway

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Romance is all about how you set the tone. Sometimes you find yourself feeling overwhelmed after a long day of work or from just hanging out with the kids. Regardless of how exhausted we’re feeling at the moment, we try to make time for ourselves and each other.

Summer is here and the only thing I can think of is fun in the sun, but what about a little fun when the sun goes down? Since moving into our own home it’s been exciting to prep the patio for our family and friends to enjoy. We have yet to rework our family garden, but everything else is falling into place.

Creating the mood starts with the right lighting. I’ve always loved the idea of wrapping lights around the deck, and it really does give your patio a romantic feel. Here are some lights from Wayfair that are both inexpensive and work for just about any backyard. 

No getaway is complete without a drink in hand. Adding a mini bar to your patio will not only make you want to have friends over to enjoy a cold one, but it’ll also give you the feeling as though you’re being waited on. Or, you could ask your awesome husband to fix you your favorite drink. That works as well.

I love this simple bar set that can fit in just about any corner. cheap bar sets, wooden bar set, patio wood bar, backyard bar, patio bar setSeating is everything for any backyard event, but you might not want to spend the cash on a new set of outdoor furniture. Instead, treat yourself with a comfortable chair for you and your significant other to enjoy. Some people like hammocks and those are great.

If you want to get a romantic (and Instagramable shot), then I suggest a swing chair. This one isn’t as expensive as others, and with the right pillow, can easily match any furniture style.

Are you prepping your patio this summer for a little romance? Let me know in the comments. 

For additional outdoor ideas for your home, head over to the Wayfair website and check out their Outdoor Design Ideas.


  1. These are great ideas. I am slowly working our our patio. I’ve been looking at Wayfair recently, and have saved a few items that I’d love to get.

  2. Tasheena Nicole Johnson

    These are wonderful tips! I would love to add a swing chair to our backyard as well as more lighting. Wayfair always has wonderful items.

  3. I loved your post as it reminded me I need to make time for my husband and I without others being around. And if possible I would love having the chair ti cuddle up in with a book.

  4. I’d love a swing chair in our backyard, that’s really an awesome addition to it. It’s a great place to hang out especially in the afternoon, while relaxing!

  5. I love this so much! We rarely have the opportunity to go out anymore, so why not make a beautiful space outdoors where we can enjoy each other’s company.

  6. I love the relaxing ambiance of deck or patio that way we don’t need a vacation just to relax. We put a hammock and few chairs and table to our backyard while enjoying the half acre land with a creek.

  7. This patio is so dreamy. I can’t wait to when I have a back yard of my own. Wayfair carries an amazing selection of pieces.

  8. I really would love to get a swing for our back yard. I love the open land that we have, and Would love something comfortable to sit in when the kids are outside playing.

  9. I’ve just given my porch a refresh but it’s not romantic. I need to add some lights and that swing would help as well. It looks like a cozy seat for two.

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