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Starting a family can be costly, but there are a number of ways you can save every month to help with expenses.

With three kids and two dogs, we manage to make things work for us every month by following a set of rules we’ve put into place.

From planners to constant reminders throughout the day, we’ve learned to be more organized with the important things.

It wasn’t always like this.

We all know how important it is to save money and build a savings account to help cover emergencies. Despite knowing the importance of such, many are living from one paycheck to the next.

It’s not easy to think of ideas to help with the bills when you’re getting calls from bill collectors all the time. However, if you plan ahead and think of solutions before problems arise, then you’ll be able to overcome some of the issues.

With a little creativity, you can find small ways to build your savings account without feeling a pinch in your already tight budget.

5 Key Ways To Save Money Today

Are you a fan of dining out? Maybe you have a habit of investing in things you won’t use this month? We’ve all been there.

Overspending can hurt your pockets when you’re raising a family. In fact, the best way to save with kids at home is by setting up a monthly budget.

Below are some ideas you can try to get you saving cash today.

1. Forget dining out.

Buying food while you’re out is considered overspending. Whether you plan to do this once a month or every other month, it’s something to consider when you’re hoping to save money for an emergency.

Every trip to a fast food/quick-serve restaurant is about $10 to $30 worth of items. If you consider using that cash to pick up groceries instead, you’ll notice how much you save by choosing to shop for your food over dining out.

2. Stash your change in a coffee can.

One of the best ways to put away cash is to start with your change. It’s easy to find throughout your home and can add up with time.

While this is a slow way to save up money, this method is effective. Most people will lose pennies, nickels, and dimes long before they can spend them.

Make it a habit to place your coins in a container when you get home every night. Be sure to include dollar bills as well. This will help speed up your savings.

3. Direct your money to a savings account.

Knowing your limits can help you understand whether a savings account is the best option. Choosing a savings account that isn’t connected to your checking account is a good idea. This will decrease your chances of taking money out of your savings every month.

Look into Stash as an alternative to a savings account. It’s a great way to save, invest and put money away for retirement. We have friends who’ve invested in stocks for well-known companies and such. Currently, we’re using Stash to help save money for retirement and put some away into our savings.

You can start by setting up $5 a week or $10 a week to transfer over. It’s that simple!

4. Create a savings station at home.

Think about the amount of money you’d like to save each month and set up an area in your home where you can stash your cash. It’s always easier to have money put away in your home in case you ever need access to it.

5. Return or sell items you don’t need.

Sometimes you might make impulse purchases that seemed like a good idea until you reach your home and regret ever looking at the item. That’s okay! The first thing you want to do is put the receipt somewhere by the door to grab on your way out. You can also try selling the item to someone you know.

Have you ever tried any of these methods to save money?

Learning how to save money for retirement or to help with college funds is important when raising a family. Learn how you can start saving money today to improve your living conditions.

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  1. Another way I’ve found to save money is -unless it is an absolute super deal on something we need- to wait 24 hours before deciding to buy something. Most of the time it’s just not worth it.

  2. Saving money is so important when you have kids. There’s literally no way we’d survive if I didn’t pinch pennies etc. I have not heard of this savings account though – Stash? I will check it out.

  3. Those are all great ideas for saving money, not just with a family but being single as well. Eating out is soo expensive, I don’t do it very often unless there is a nice social experience to be had as well, since I am still single.

  4. I have a coin jar. I always empty my wallet and pockets of coins and put them in the jar. It is amazing how much you have actually saved when the jar gets full.

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