Sebastian's Corner

We’ve added a new place for our little guy!

We had a quiet area next to the TV room; two book shelves, a couch, a rug, and my little arts and crafts shelf. We never really used it. It was more like Rocky’s second hangout. When guests would come, they didn’t really have a place to sit. We only had the loveseat and “Jeff/Rocky’s” one-seater in the TV room. The rooms were separated. Jeff’s space was the TV room (of course) and the quiet area was mine.

Last week Jeff sent me a text saying he was going to do some work around the house. A change that I would like, that’s what he called it. If you would’ve asked me then what needed to be changed at the house, I’d say nothing. I would’ve never guessed he’d be referring to adding Sebastian’s corner. 🙂

Of course, someone else had to test it out first… just to make sure it’s “baby proof.”


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