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The Importance Of A Self-Care Routine

Finding the right time to for self-care sounds almost impossible when you’re always busy with everyday life. Making time for yourself can help you stay sane. This is one of the reasons why I’ve jotted down a Self-Care Schedule in my planning notepad.

Before the New Year, I told myself I wanted to focus on a number of things. One of them being self-care. I had prepared a promo strategy for my blog, my editorial calendar for the next two months had been filled — so why wasn’t I thinking about myself as a business as well? I’m always planning our strategies on how to tackle goals for clients and my own blog, but what about well being?

Adding A Routine 
With only months before our third arrives, and about a month and a half before my father comes to help us, I thought maybe it’d be nice to pencil in more ME time.

Under monthly budget, I decided I needed something to invest in myself — a self-care schedule that could work every week or every other week. Here’s what that looks like:

Eyebrows – every other Friday
Nails – every other Saturday
Skincare – every Sunday night
Shave – every other day

It might sound silly having to read the above, but weekends are the only days I get to unwind. I’ve also thrown in a mental note of finishing a book a month. I have about four books I started years ago and haven’t been able to finish. I want this year to be the one I actually get through these books.

There’s also the idea of getting a nap in a day. It doesn’t always happen, but when I do get a chance to take a nap during the day, it helps me be a better parent. I’m like the kids — cranky and all — when my needs aren’t met.

Do you have a self-care routine in place? 

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