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Social Print Studio Softcover
This is a sponsored post courtesy of Social Print Studio. I received a free order of the Softcover Photobook in exchange for my honest review of the product and their service.

Every month I take several photos of my family and our trips throughout South Florida. Some memories are shared on social media while most I share with Jeff.

Although I love sharing memories with family and friends, I like to preserve them as well. I discovered Social Print Studio through a friend’s Instagram post and have been using them for more than two years.

A Small Package 
Through Social Print Studio, I’ve been able to share moments with those I love back in North Jersey and Rhode Island. Before placing an order I skim through my Instagram feed in search of the perfect images to send our loved ones. I base my decision on the comments family and friends have left on my social profiles and place an order for a small package to arrive at my door days later.

I typically order several prints every couple of months. I had received an email about the new Softcover Photobook and I replied to the message stating how I’ve been looking to order a new photobook for our little family and wanted to give the softcover one a try. I was so excited to check the Softcover Photobook out that I placed the order that same day.

“Our Great Life”
Choosing the images for our Softcover Photobook was a breeze. It was our second family photobook and I had been thinking about all the images that show who we are and all of the moments we’ve shared together. When it came down to giving the photobook a title, I couldn’t use “Our Boys” again. Our first photobook didn’t include pictures of our infant. There are just photos of our pup and firstborn.

This time, we needed something that summed up our life. Jeff always uses “#ourgreatlife” in his social media posts and he’s mentioned it in our daily text messages to one another. I had told him about ordering the Softcover Photobook, but I didn’t mention the title I used.

When the package arrived I couldn’t wait to show Jeff. He smiled at the cover as he read the title. It was nice to see how much he appreciated  the small gesture.

I really like the look and feel of the Softcover Photobook, and have been contemplating on the idea of creating one as a portfolio to showcase the different brands I’ve worked with in the past.

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FYI: I’ve ordered seven of the products available on their website and the quality of them is amazing. They really take the time to make sure the packaging is presentable, too. The

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    1. Thanks, Candace. I really love how much they pay attention to detail in their packaging (and the timeframe between the ordering process to shipment!)

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