Quick Tips To Remember When Shopping For Kids

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This is part of the Dressing Your Child series. You can read the other installment on buying shoes for kids here.

Dressing your child isn't just for the school season. Plan ahead on the things your child needs before you go shopping for kids this summer. Discover tips to online shopping for kids clothes as well as how to buy clothes for kids.  #sponsored

The kids are growing up way too fast these days. It’s another reminder of how raising multiple children often means multiple loads of laundry. The best thing to consider when shopping for kids is the quality of the products.

To help maintain the look and feel of my kids’ clothes, I search for materials that last. When family and friends gift items, I’m cautious of what we keep because of past experiences with certain clothing materials.

Online shopping can be tricky, but it’s a great resource for buying essential items. Just the other day, I picked up swimsuits for our family. The swimsuits were from a retailer I trust and a brand that offers quality products.

Where To Do Online Shopping For Kids Clothes

Whether you decide to shop small or visit your favorite retailers, you need to think about what’s already in your closet. Oftentimes I plan at least three months in advance of the clothes the children will need. For instance, the children’s holiday season attire is purchased in August.

From Halloween costumes to updating their Thanksgiving and Christmas outfits, it helps me plan in advance. Getting these essentials prior to the holiday season lets me save money instead of buying the items when they are in-season.

Buying online year-round is a great way to compare prices of your favorite retailers. Here’s a list of retailers I use to purchase the kids’ clothing:

OshKosh B’gosh (clothes, shoes, and accessories)
Carter’s (clothes and accessories)
Cat & Jack (clothes, shoes, and accessories)
Stride Rite (shoes)

If you’re looking for reusable swim diapers, then I suggest looking into iplay. The brand also has the most comfortable water shoes for kids.

Dressing your child isn't just for the school season. Plan ahead on the things your child needs before you go shopping for kids this summer. Discover tips to online shopping for kids clothes as well as how to buy clothes for kids. #sponsored

How To Buy Clothes For Kids

Although I love a good sale, I have to admit that I’ve cut back on unnecessary expenses throughout the years. One of my favorite budgeting hacks is downsizing on clothes. Not only does it save money, but it also saves me time in the morning.

BONUS TIP: Downsizing will decrease the laundry load as well.

I’ve learned to minimize the kids’ wardrobes and search for quality when buying shoes for kids and other clothing items as well as accessories. Below are 5 tips to purchasing clothes for your kids:

1. Buy two to three pairs of good shoes.

Whether this is your first or second child, you really don’t need to have a closet filled with shoes (or clothes for that matter). Less is more with kids. You want to go with machine washable pairs of shoes that can easily be thrown in the wash throughout the week.

You’ll thank me when you realize how important that is as they become more curious about the world around them.

Oh, and you really don’t need crib shoes. Socks are enough to keep warm and there are stylish shoe-like socks available for girls and boys as well.

2. Keep neutral colors handy.

Bright colors look nice, but if you mix in a little neutral in your child’s wardrobe you’ll be able to use some of the items for those moments they’ll need to dress up.

Our kids have a lot of gray, black, and blue clothing items that function for play and special occasions too.

3. Never buy in-season items.

You’ll notice most retail companies will lower prices on items before they are in season and raise the prices when they are the most popular. This gives consumers the impression they’re getting a better deal.

As exciting as it might sound to pay $30 for something that was priced at $65, I would say to skip this “deal”. Personally, I won’t pay more than $25 for a top — even if I’m shopping for kids or myself.

4. Always buy a size or two bigger. 

Your little ones are growing way too fast, and if you buy clothes that fit them today, they’ll outgrow them tomorrow. You never want to spend your life buying clothes, even if you consider yourself to be a fashionista. Your bank account will need a new look if you waste your money on clothing items.

5. Buy one or two accessories, or skip them.

If you have a girl, then I recommend one or two neutral bows that match most of their outfits. I’ve seen moms who buy their babies little purses to match their outfits (my mom did the same!) You really don’t need it. Unless the child will be carrying her own diapers, I suggest skipping this accessory.

Accessories for boys can also be a bit much. There are a number of bow ties and belts to choose from, you can settle for neutral colors that match everything.

BONUS TIP: Most pants have an adjustable elastic band inside. Choose those clothing items when shopping for kids.

See pictures of our little ones dressed to impress on Instagram via @motherhoodthroughmyeyes 

Dressing your child isn't just for the school season. Plan ahead on the things your child needs before you go shopping for kids this summer. Discover tips to online shopping for kids clothes as well as how to buy clothes for kids. #sponsored


  1. Elizabeth O.

    It’s important to not shop for too much clothes because they easily outgrow them and sometimes they won’t get a chance to wear any of it. I think these are great tips!

  2. Carol Cassara

    This is great advice especially for new parents. Clothes can be tricky, the kids grow up too fast and it’s important to always buy a size that’s bigger.

  3. Kelly Reci

    great tips! i always end up having trouble with too many shoes!! hashaha lol

  4. Di

    Awesome tips for buying clothes, period, not just kids. I remember seeing a statistic that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. Had myself a purge and never been happier!

  5. Celebrate Woman (@DiscoverSelf)

    I so much enjoyed shopping for the kids when they were younger. Your tips are great, as they proved to work in my own experience.

  6. Robin rue

    I loved OshKosh and Carter’s when my kids were little. I also bought a ton for them at Old Navy.

    1. Fatima Torres

      I never think about Old Navy (since it’s not close to home), but they do have great options. Need to check for online shopping.

  7. Kendra Christine

    Shopping for kids is always SO hard. Thanks for the ideas!

  8. Ewa

    I recently bought clothes for my friend’s newborn son and she just told me that children grow so fast and dirty their clothes so intensely that it is just sad.

  9. Lisa Favre

    We’re actually in the market for new kids for our kiddo so this is perfect! Carter’s is a fave of ours.

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