Sleep Is Golden


I will always love sleep, sleeping and sleeping in – period. But most of all, I will miss sleeping in.

The days of sleeping in were numbered during my third trimester. Everyone said I wouldn’t be able to do it anymore once the baby was born so I took advantage of it during my pregnancy. I loved weekends so much because all I wanted to do was wake up late. And those of you who know me personally know this means 10,0:30 am. As lazy as I was during my pregnancy, I had to get my butt up and start my day.

One thing I miss are winter mornings in bed. Knowing that it’s snowing outside and there’s really no place to go is exciting. Now, we still have chilly mornings that sometimes feel like winter back in Jersey, but it’s not the same. However, I do take this over that any day.

So for this week’s Tuesday’s Teachings I’m sharing the importance of sleeping in while you can. Oh, and that whole “nap while your baby naps” it can work, but it doesn’t always. The truth is, sleep is the last thing on your mind when you have chores to do around the house. 😉

Happy Tuesday, loves!

‘Til tomorrow….

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