10 Tips For A Summer Fun Schedule

The best things in life aren’t things. They’re people.

Summer break is near and we’re already laying out some ideas on ways we’d like to spend the upcoming months.

We posted our summer fun schedule on Instagram and everyone was curious about how we’ll be getting the kids to prep for bed at 5 pm. Honestly, we already have them winding down at 6 pm. during the school year — what’s an hour earlier?

Our reason for making bedtime prep sooner is so that they get enough sleep. Most parents let their kids sleep late and sleep in the next day during the summer. We did that last summer, and it made me even more exhausted.

This summer, the rules have changed. We’re going from no-plans to keeping busy.

One of the perks of having a kid in grade school is the number of flyers we receive from local companies. Although we’ve thrown out all the ones we’re not interested in, there was one that came in this week that really stood out.

The flyer was from our local library and included free activities to do with the kids. We do our best to save money wherever we can, and when it comes to activities with the kids, we always look for a good deal.

Summer Essentials

All month long we’ve been pinning some ideas on ways we’d like to spend our summer with our kids in our The Summer Essentials Pinterest board.

We’re excited to hear how the kids are loving the idea of Water Wednesdays and Foodie Fridays. We’ve broken down our summer schedule below:

Saturday and Sundays are free play. We’ll let the kids rest or head somewhere as a family — it really depends on the hubby’s schedule.

The Summer Schedule Breakdown

We love playing with LEGO sets and creating our own ideas, and we thought it would be a great idea to integrate some of that fun during the summer months. For Make-it Mondays, we’ll be using our creativity to create different ideas. We’ve got a Pinterest board highlighting our love for LEGO and things we can create with them. It’ll also be the day we try different DIY crafts we’ve pinned as well.

Tuesdays are all about reading and comprehension. We’ll focus on lessons we’ve learned on Teachings Tuesdays from our favorite and new favorite stories. It should be fun to explore new books from the library or at Barnes and Noble.

Water Wednesdays are pretty simple — water activities for us to experiment. This is the day science comes into play! Of course, we’ll be cooling off with the water as well.

If there’s something we enjoy the most it’s traveling as a family, Travel Thursdays will be perfect for trips to local museums and the playground. Anything to get us outdoors and exploring!

Foodie Fridays are all about getting in the kitchen and trying something new with the kids. Fortunately, our kids love cooking and this would be fun for them to get more involved with the meals we make. Yes, we’ll be baking, too!

Creating A Summer Schedule That Works!

If you’re looking at this list and thinking when will you be able to work from home or do anything your heart desires, then you’ll want to read on. Working from home can be a blessing and a burden, but as we’ve stated in a previous blog post, parenting is a juggling act — not a balancing one!

The scale will tip, but we’ll get back to like we didn’t skip a beat.

To help you create a schedule that works for you, we suggest the following 10 tips:
1) Be realistic: Don’t force yourself to wake up an hour earlier if you’re sleeping late at night. Rest is important, give yourself enough of it.
2) Plan according to your schedule: If you want to make time for yourself, then you’ll need to see where it fits in your day. It’s possible.
3) Make time for the essentials: You still need to entertain the kids, clean your home and make sure everyone is fed (multiple times a day), so be sure to pencil those times in.
4) Work when you can, not when you want to: If you tell yourself you want to work before bed, make sure you have the energy to do so. After a long day with family, the last thing on your mind might be to pick up the computer.
5) Pencil bedtime an hour earlier: Having the kids in bed sooner than usual means you’re more likely to get 20-30 minutes to yourself.
6) Think of a reward system for the kids: We are booking a pizza day every other week to surprise the kids. We’ll be inviting their cousins over to participate as well.
7) Reward yourself at least once a week: Plan some self-care in your schedule so you can refuel and feel refreshed.
8) Throw in independent activities for the kids to do: On most days we do a movie or a show for the kids to watch while I work on freelance/blogging. It makes it easier to focus on tackling things.
9) Ask family/friends to join in on the fun: We like to do things on our own, but it’s always nice to have friends join. Also, it keeps you accountable for when you don’t feel like leaving the house.
10) Think of what the inner-child in you would enjoy: Our ultimate secret to making every day a success for the kids is to think about the things we like to do as kids. It helps with planning activities.

Do you have a summer schedule for the kids? Tell us about it below!


  1. We don’t have a summer schedule per se, but we do schedule some trips. Between those trips, it’s kind of a free for all.

    1. I adore summer but it passes by so fast. I sometimes never get the chance to do stuff. I will remember this post this summer

    2. Seems like a good idea to have a summer schedule when you have kids. Not sure it’s necessary if you don’t.

  2. enjoyed reading you list. My fav is, reward yourself at least once a week 🙂

  3. All the ideas and tips you gave are very essential and I love them. I could pick some activities there and try out this summer with my families.

    1. These are all such awesome tips to make the best of summer. Especially for those with little ones. Here’s to a wonderful season 🙌

  4. I don’t have kids, but my job require me to be with children most my time. But you have a great ideas for them. Sure it will be fun and enjoyable summer!

    1. The inner child would have said, yeah, let’s go have tons of fun every day. Planning events or things to do/places to go for the summer was always fun.

  5. Sounds like you have lots of fun activities planned. I like the idea of planning and scheduling it as it makes it all so much easier if everyone knows what’s happening.

  6. This is brilliant! My kids really responded well to schedules so summer was always scary for me. Once I figured out our schedule it was a breeze!

  7. My kids are all grown but I’ll share this schedule with my daughter. She has 4 boys and I’m sure they’d love to experience some of these activities you mentioned.

    1. twinspirationalparties

      Such great tips.. Parents should read this blog, it would really be a great help.

      1. Thanks! It’s a great list of tips for them that’s for sure.

  8. This is such a fantastic post! I completely agree with you about bedtime. My kids are 11 and 12 now, and they still go to bed at 8:30pm. I think sleep is very important and overlooked by so many, but the right amount of rest always keeps them happy and productive!

    1. Yes, thank you for your feedback on bedtime. I actually got some backlash from friends about that.

  9. I don’t have kids and can’t imagine how hard it is for working mom’s to carry this out. When I was little my parents didn’t have time to keep me entertained. However I enjoyed helping my Mom do things around the house and working in the vegetable gardens.

  10. I love that you have a theme for each day. It makes it more interesting and gives you some good ideas for each day. I might have to enact something like this over the summer.

    1. Yes, we love having themed days.

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