Summer Vibes At CREAM In Doral

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Summer is near and we’re planning a handful of exciting activities for our little ones to enjoy. We couldn’t fight the summer vibes we’ve been feeling this spring.

Over the weekend, we stopped by CREAM in Doral to try some of the items on their menu.

Although we’re no strangers to visiting CREAM, it was our first time taking a mini road trip with the kids to grab some ice cream and shakes from one of our favorite places. It was worth it!

After school fun, or a weekend treat for the family to enjoy — you choose!

The Doral location opened its doors in late March and has been doing their best to get the word out about the new store. We’re excited because it’s one of many that will be opening in the Miami and Palm Beach counties.

Have Cream Cater Your Event

We recently hosted an ice cream social with family and friends, but how cool wouldn’t it have been to have someone else do all the work?

That’s where CREAM in Doral comes in handy. Not only do you order the flavors and treats you’d like to have available for your event, but they bring people with them to serve your guests. How cool is that?

They offer on-site, delivery and pick-up options for every occasion. What we liked most about reviewing their catering menu was how they offer treats for those with food sensitivities: gluten-free cookies; vegan cookies and soy ice cream.

Here’s a glimpse of the new store location:

We know what you’re thinking, and yes, they’re as good as they look.
The best way to enjoy a shake is with a side of Churros!
Here’s my husband’s niece enjoying hers.
The girls ordered a shake to-go for their mom. Best daughters — ever!

The photos are just a bonus of what to expect when you head over to CREAM in Doral.

We recommend visiting in person and picking a new favorite. It might be one of their handcrafted ice cream sandwiches or a signature milkshake. You can always try one of your own combinations. We won’t judge!

Have you stopped by one of the CREAM locations? Be sure to do so next time you’re visiting Miami!


  1. Ooh, vegan cookies with soy ice cream. Next time I’m in Miami, I’ll be there.

  2. YUMMMMMM! That sounds positively amazing! I would love the opportunity to check it out!

  3. Summers are always fun!!!😀

  4. These look so good! I will definitely be checking them out!

  5. I love ice cream and the place looks good. Would stop by one of this day to have a taste.

  6. Your post is now making me crave for some ice cream. I’m too far away from Cream in Doral, so the local ice cream will have to do.

  7. OMG I am fasting and these ice-cream cookies look amazing and have water running in my mouth!! Wished they sold something like that where I live.

  8. This would be like a dream catering job. I’d totally go for it.

  9. It looks so good! I love ice cream, but recently cut it out since I’m doing a no sugar diet. But those cookie ice cream sandwiches look so yummy

  10. Omg, this post is for me. I love ice creams so much. Wow this sounds so yummy. I would love to visit this place. They have so many great options.

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