Mar 072016

Word Of The Week: Kindness

This week, my focus is on kindness. The funny part is, it’s been the one word I’ve been thinking about since before the year started. I’ll get into more detail about this in an upcoming post. …Continue Reading

Mar 022016

Trusting Yourself

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned after becoming a parent has been to trust myself.  You can really drive yourself insane by searching on Google for every little thing you come across…Continue Reading

Feb 292016

Word Of The Week: Trust

It’s time to celebrate another wonderful week, and I’m really excited for all the great things that are to come.  For this week, my focus will be on the word trust. Some people fear this…Continue Reading

Feb 232016

Changes Aren't Always Welcomed

Going through several changes all at once can drive you mad.  And sometimes the madness can lead you to question things in your life, like the love you have for yourself.  Or worse, the love…Continue Reading

Feb 152016

Word Of The Week: Love

It’s no coincidence that this week I’ll be focusing on the word love. No, it won’t be about sappy love stories, I promise!  Love can be found in many ways, not just in the love…Continue Reading