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Feeding Your Baby Sprout Organic

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sprout Organic Foods for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Sprout Organic Baby Food

Going from breastfeeding your child to starting them on solids can be tough when you’re running around chasing your firstborn. Keeping the boys active is important for my sanity, but it all starts with what they’re taking in.

You know what they say when you have two small children. It gets easier when you know what to expect the second time around.

More than two years ago, I started our firstborn on solids. Occasionally, I would make his food from scratch. From fruits to vegetables, our firstborn was loving it. Then something happened.

Too Many Changes, So Little Time
I had recently transitioned from working mom to a stay-at-home mom, and it wasn’t as glamorous as some people would think. We had moved to a different state and there were too many changes happening all at once. Adjusting to the madness was a huge part of my everyday life.

Although being miles away from my family and friends has brought Jeff and me closer, I found myself looking back to my childhood for parenting hacks.

I did my best to take our firstborn out whenever I could, and that often meant we’d be packing our lunch and eating it on the road. While out food shopping, I’d think of ways to make our busy lives easier. I picked up several packages of a baby food brand I recall eating as a child.

Mom guilt started to fill my mind. I always try whatever I’m going to be giving my children because I want to make sure it tastes like the ingredients advertised on the containers.

Combating Mom Guilt
Now with our second child, I’ve learned to explore other baby food options other than the ones my parents fed my brothers and me when we were younger. Today, I try different brands and read their ingredients, not just the front of the packaging.

If you’ve ever looked at the apple juices advertised for your little ones, then you’ve noticed how attractive they may be. Next time you see one, please turn it around. You’ll realize there’s more sugar than actual fruit or vegetable servings.

One of the baby food brands I tried was Sprout Organic, which is USDA certified organic and are committed to only using whole fruits/vegetables/grains. Each Sprout pouch contains no concentrates or preservatives and has no GMO ingredients. Mission & ValuesWhere to Buyundefined

Try Sprout Organic Baby Food

Sprout Organic Baby Food has new flavors: Mango, Spinach Banana Apple, Blueberry Banana Oatmeal, and Pear Spinach Prune. I was surprised to see that my nine-month-old son was enjoying spoonfuls at a time. Even our firstborn, who is now three years old, was loving the different flavors.

As an FYI, Sprout offers a variety of flavors to give your baby a greater exposure to wholesome foods. Its taste is something your child will enjoy and will help with mom guilt about what feeding your little ones.

Each Sprout pouch comes with an easy-to-use twist off cap and is portable for moms on-the-go. You can throw them into your diaper bag or stroller for easy access. Sprout honestly labels their products so flavor names match the primary order of ingredients inside. This allows moms to know exactly what they’re feeding their babies.

Learn how eating Sprout Organic Foods can help build the foundation for your baby’s healthy eating habits, and how they’re committed to “Keep it Honest, Make it Real.” Stop by the Sprout Organic Foods YouTube channel today.

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