Teachings Tuesday: A Little Help Goes A Long Way

Sebastian Bakes

Things have been pretty interesting the past couple of weeks. As Sebastian continues to grow there are new things he enjoys. For one, he loves helping me with the laundry. It started with separating the dirty clothes, and now he putts them in the washer and dryer.

I used to joke about tying a towel to my child’s legs once he starts crawling, this way he adds his part in helping around the house. And the funny thing is, Sebastian actually grabbed a towel all on his own and started cleaning.

Since learning how to crawl, Sebastian has had a fascination with wiping the floors and walls. It is the cutest thing! Jeff and I always talk about the chores he will do as he gets older. Of course, once he is of age, he will have to care for Rocky. It will continue to be a group effort, but Sebastian will need to help care for his “big brother.”

Does your little one do chores around the house? 

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