Teachings Tuesday: Breathe

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This quote from Ernest Hemingway pretty much sums up the beauty of simplicity for me. We forget to appreciate the little things like enjoying a home-cooked meal or even sharing a few laughs with friends. And even more, our ability to breathe.

Since entering the wonderful world of motherhood I’ve come to appreciate the couple of minutes I have to enjoy my meals. I spend so much time snacking throughout the day that by the time I actually get to sit down and enjoy dinner, I’m stuffed.

One thing I’ve added to our daily routine is just sitting outside by the patio. Sebastian loves the sound of nature and Rocky lays next to us. It’s nothing new for Rocky Rockster; he sunbathes every day. It’s funny to watch him. Now, we enjoy it together. A couple of minutes of just breathing in the beauty of life. After all, we won’t be here forever. 😉

‘Til tomorrow, loves…

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