May 132014


Most of my friends and family might consider me their biggest fans, and they’re right. I love to see people doing what they love and being happy for it. It’s the best way to live your life. But for some, this happiness is never attained due to fear.

I’ve met so many people who want to do something but don’t. These same people have all the resources in the world to do it but something holds them back. That fear I mentioned is powerful, but it’s only as powerful as you let it.

I’ll admit that although I’m everyone’s biggest fan, I’m my own critic. It’s what has helped me perfect things, including myself. I often have to sit down and talk to the person in the mirror and, occasionally, kick her butt.

So today, it’s all about leaving that fear behind and moving forward with your master plan šŸ˜‰

Don’t let fear keep you from doing something you love that will in turn bring (more) happiness into your life.

‘Til tomorrow, loves….
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Fatima Torres

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