Teachings Tuesday: Hold Them Close

Red balloons, redballoonsforryan

I was having trouble figuring out what this week’s lesson would be. Then I saw a post on my Instagram feed with a photo of a family with the #redballoonsforryan hashtag. I searched it. Read everyone’s response to what happened but didn’t quite get the story. Certain words stood out. “Accident,” “I’m sorry,” and “heavy heart.”
I went to Dan and Jacqui’s Instagram feed. They hadn’t posted since Friday. I’d probably do the same.

On Dan’s feed I noticed he’s a 49ers fan like Jeff. I smiled.

As I looked around the house I started to cry. Pieces of Sebastian’s toys are everywhere. His laundry basket filled with last week’s clothing items. Moments ago all I wanted was to clean up. Now, I’m thankful for the mess.

Cherish the moments.
easter, easter basket, love, family, redballoonsforryan

Hold those you love close.
love, family, redballoonsforryan

Take as many photos as you’d like.
family, love, redballoonsforryan

Because one day you won’t be able to. 

the best kid around


Rest easy, Ryan. 

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