Teachings Tuesday: Letting Go Is Okay

Letting Go
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I read this quote on one my good friend’s Instagram page and it made me a bit emotional. If you have given someone your all — family, friend or significant other — and decided that parting ways would be best, then this is for you.

You understand your limit. You’ve given someone, something your all and watched it fall apart. Walking away doesn’t feel right, but when does it ever? There’s a beauty in letting go that you’ll find in time. I’ve given up on people and things that stood in the way of my happiness. The emotions I felt while I read these words were of happiness. When you let go, I mean really let go of all the BS in your life, you’ll be able to find that space you’ve been keeping within your heart to love yourself and everything and everyone in your life. You’ll fall in love with the beauty of life. That’s all you need to enjoy it. So, go! Leave it behind, you’ll thank yourself.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.

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