Teachings Tuesday: Make It A Great Day

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He wasn’t ready… but it came out cute! 

Yesterday was a muggy day here in the Sunshine State, but I enjoyed my morning with my loves. Jeff had a late day so we hung out together, just the four of us in bed. We talked about random things and kept reminiscing of last year when we celebrated our son’s baby shower on my birthday. A year had passed so fast and yet it seemed long ago.

I love the memories Jeff and I have shared together, and thinking back to those moments was all I needed for a great day. It sucked that Jeff had to work, but we had a great morning and night together. Who cares about the inbetween, right? Although, I did eat a Whopper Jr. for lunch. I know, terrible! But at that moment, it was nice to treat myself to something simple and take the boys out for a ride.

Next week, it’s all about Jeff’s birthday. I can’t wait to surprise him with little things just to see him smile.

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