Teachings Tuesday: Plan Meals Ahead


Life just got even easier… and I have to thank my iPhone for it. As a millennial mom, I’m on my phone searching for and researching things. For me, it’s all about reviews and ease of use so when I found the Yummly app in the App Store I knew I had to check its reviews and try it out.

I’ve been researching food blogs to see which weekly cooking schedule would work best for us. This is what I’ve come up with:

I ran my thoughts by Jeff and he suggested BBQ for Thursdays since he’s home and it’s one of his favorite things to do.

With the app I’ve been able to sort the recipes I find under select categories and even create my own. There also are cocktail recipes for those of you looking to entertain a few guests. I’m holding on to this app for a while.  Here’s the email I received from Yummly highlighting some of its features:

yummly email

You can check the app for yourself by clicking here.

‘Til tomorrow, loves…

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  1. I follow you on IG and you mentioned this was your second week of meal planning, too! I love the idea of sticking to certain types of meals each week… I am trying to do that as well! One idea is a crock pot meal one day each week, I am going to do this on busy days. I am also doing one Italian/pasta meal, a mexican meal and I'll add a BBQ day, too once it warms up!

  2. Nice. I'm doing Mexican Monday, Italian Tuesday, With Rice Wednesday, BBQ Thursday, Fried/Grilled Friday, Asian Saturday and freebie Sunday.

  3. […] P.S.: Today marks three weeks since I started  planning weekly dinners. Tonight is Mexican Monday. I can’t wait to shop for this week’s yummy dishes! Read how I use the Yummly app for inspiration. […]

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