Teachings Tuesday: The Power Of Positive Thinking


After reading Julie’s post this morning over at the Saltlife Wife’s website I started to think about my own life and how positive thinking has helped me the last couple of years.

Life has a way of getting better, but it all depends on how you perceive the life you live. You hear people talking about changing their way of thinking to help improve their lives. It is true. Your life really does get better once you start thinking differently.

Like Julie, I used to think I walked around with a rain cloud. Everything kept going wrong, but truth is, it is how I perceived the things that kept happening to me that was wrong. Once I started to see things differently my life turned for the best. And for this I am forever grateful!


‘Til tomorrow, loves…

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  1. Wow I cannot believe I just saw this and u wrote it months ago! You truly just made my day! ;)))))

    Aka- TheSaltlifeWife

  2. Thanks for your feedback, Julie. Glad to hear it resonated with you. It's not easy to find the positives in everyday life, but it's there! Hope all is well with you and your family. 🙂

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