Teachings Tuesday: Sometimes You Just Have To Smile

IMG_7063That smile means he is up to no good.

Gone are the days when Sebastian would cry nonstop until I picked him up to show him what I was making for dinner. Now, he sits on the floor and makes his own dish.

He was happy when we introduced him to his highchair, and even more excited when we removed the tray so he could sit at the table with us. Now,  he just wants to sit at or on the table with us while we eat — and around the clock.

I do not know what his fascination is with the dining table and chairs, but climbing them has become his new hobby. As dangerous as it can be, I cannot help but laugh when he climbs on the dining chair while I prepare breakfast. Sometimes he reaches over for his crayons and a coloring sheet we got from a Publix employee, and scribbles all over it. He puts on that same smile in the image above when he notices I start to panic because I swear he is going to fall and all he does is sit his little behind on the chair and color.

So yeah, sometimes you just have to smile at the crazy things your little ones does.

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