Teachings Tuesday: There's Always A Calm Before The Storm

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Don’t let his cuteness fool you — He’s a wild one! 
Jeff said it best, “[Rocky and Sebastian] keep us entertained.”
Oh, yes they do! 
Sebastian is crawling everywhere. Out of all the places, the bed is his favorite, followed by his little play area. It’s entertaining to see him “run wild,” so to speak. He’s calm when he sleeps but once he’s up, he’s out! I’m not complaining because an active baby is a healthy baby! And, it keeps his metabolism going, too.
Here he is the other night:
The Calm before the storm

You almost want to believe he’s always this calm.


  1. What a cute son you have! It made me laugh when you mentioned how wild he is. Makes me think how my son might be. Excited for him to crawl! It must be rad to see his development =)

  2. Thanks! Yes, it is! You're going to watch your baby do several things and laugh about them. It's more entertaining — and scary — when they start to crawl. Good luck in your diaper decision (as per you Facebook post).

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