Teachings Tuesday: Treasure All The Silly Moments

Silly MomentsIf you asked a mom what keeps her going, her response will probably have something to do with her ability to laugh, not only at herself, but at the little silly moments. Similar to the photo I have shared above, there are moments I wish I could hide in the corner and not come out until everything is “normal” again.

Some days are easier than others, and I am very thankful for those fly-by days. When things get tough — and by tough I mean I cannot seem to crack a smile — I look down at my little guy and he just amazes me. He is such a curious, funny, and smart boy. I love how he is easily entertained. My heart is filled with happiness by just holding him. Although he can be a handful, he is just exploring the world. He is gathering information about everything around him, and he looks adorable doing so. <3

Catch tomorrow’s MomViews segment. I promise it is a(nother) good one. 😉
Happy Tuesday, loves!
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