#TechTimeOut: Head Over To The Park

Boys will be boys, and they will want to be in control. 

Jeff and I had planned a trip to Happy Tails Dog Park with the boys and we had such a great time. Now that Sebastian is practically running all over the place, we were able to let them both roam free. I will admit that at times Sebastian can be a handful, especially now that he is a lot more sturdier than he was a few months back.

I recently brought them both to the dog park without Jeff and it was pretty interesting. If you have a dog that is used to daily trips to the park, and you miss three consecutive days, you know what to expect the minute you mention “let’s go” and “park” in the same sentence.

Although getting out of the car was a little tough, we managed to really enjoy ourselves. Since I was doing the #techtimeout challenge I did not take any photos. We had a great time and Jeff loved hearing about their little adventures with other dogs.

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