#TechTimeOut: Set Up The Big Boy Bathroom

Big Boy Bathroom

I love turning our house into a home, and I really believe less is more.

Sebastian and I recently took a trip to Target to pick up a few things for the house. I kept thinking of the guest bathroom which we were going to transition into Sebastian’s big boy bathroom. We already had a brown/tan theme going on and I did not want to make it too “kiddie”.

I needed something to make his bathroom be functional for him and our guests. When I found the Circo Monkey Soft Jungle Storage at Target I automatically thought of my little monkey. It was on sale for $10.58 and I knew it would work well with the shower curtain we already own. I also purchased two brown and tan towels. I call them the “big boy towels,” because he is a big boy now. 

Big Boy Bathroom

Big Boy Bathroom 2

Big Boy Bathroom 3The set up was pretty simple. Sebastian was ready for his mid-morning/afternoon nap when we got home so I let him sleep and went to work. After a good scrub down, the bathroom was ready for our little guy. I put his potty across from the big toilet this way we can join him once he is ready to go. Although I did try potty training him that same week, and he did use it within 10 minutes of sitting on it, Jeff and I decided to wait until he is really ready and understands the concept more.

His Reaction
We have been using his bathroom more since making it more kid-friendly. He loves bath time a little more, and sometimes I give in and let him spend an extra 5, sometimes 10 minutes.

We walk into the bathroom every morning and he gets excited for bath time. I will admit that morning baths are typically shorter than his bedtime ones, but he tends to be dirtier by the end of the day. Plus, it is always good to get all his energy out before bed.

Are there any rooms you would like to make more kid-friendly for your little one? 

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