#TechTimeOut: Share Healthy And Fun Eating Habits

Picky EaterDealing with a picky eater leaves you with little options. Turning mealtime into a game can help improve eating habits and inspire healthy ones. For this reason, Rachel Pollard created Rounded Plate, a 21-day program that teaches kids to choose healthy foods and track their daily eating habits in a fun and interactive way.

Like other moms, Pollard wanted her kids to eat healthier: “Before creating Rounded Plate, I remember feeling bogged down by all of the food I was trying NOT to feed my kids,” said Pollard. “I created the program to empower my kids to make better food choices, and as a way to avoid the nagging and the power the struggles by giving them the responsibility to choose healthy food on their own.”

3 Things To Keep In Mind
1. Picky eaters are going to be… picky.
You will need to come up with fun ways to introduce new dishes. I like to cutting up and mixing certain vegetables into Sebastian’s rice. There are moments he picks up on it, and others when it works like a charm.

2. Kids get thirsty in-between bites. 
I like to offer Sebastian a sip of his drink after a couple of spoonfuls. There are moments when he starts eating and suddenly pushes the spoon away. That is a clear indication that he is a little thirsty.

3. Kids need options. 
This may sound like you are making your child even more of a picky eater, but you want to offer your child options because in the end the most important thing is that your child eats.

[Limited-time offer] Rounded Plate is offering a $15 gift card to a grocery store of their choice to families who have complete the program.

For more information on Rounded Plate, click here.

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