#TechTimeOut: Share A Laugh

Who cares about the mess?! Look at that smile! #sebastianabraham #rockyrockster

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There are so many reasons to smile.

If I had to count the many times Sebastian and Rocky have made a mess soon after our clean-up routine, I would not have enough fingers and toes. From Sebastian’s habit of taking the remote controllers to Rocky’s trips to the dog park, the mess never ends. And neither does their happiness.

There are moments I want to pull my hair but once I see a smile, I melt. Laughing really does cure your frustrations, and these boys do a great job in reminding me of the importance of laughing at the random things they do. Sometimes you have to wonder whether or not they do it on purpose.

What is the last thing your little one and/or pup did that made you laugh? 

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