That's What (True) Friends Are For!

Time has a funny way of showing you who and what really matters in your life. And for that, I’m very thankful. 

When I met the godmother of our two boys, I never imagined she’d be in our lives this long.

It was the summer before high school and we were both assigned to a pre-algebra course. We worked hard that summer, and really got to know each other.

It was great. 

And after years of friendship, I never once questioned whether or not I made the right choice in making her the godmother of our boys.

If you ever find someone who can really understand you at your worst, and cheer you on at your best, then you have a true friend. 

I’ve never considered her a best friend because she’s family. She knows all the drama in my family and I know hers — well, the ones she’s okay with sharing. But even that is okay with us. 

We understand that everyone needs their own privacy, and if need be, we’ll discuss it.

Find Yourself A Meli
No one likes to be compared to others, but honestly, I hope you find yourself a Meli.
The thing about the godmother of my boys is that she’s always been a true friend.

For me, a true friend is someone who:

– doesn’t judge you because you’ve “messed up”.
– accepts you for who you are and the things you love.
– knows there’s more to the story when you’re being brief, yet doesn’t beat it out of you.
– tells you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it.
– makes you see all sides to every story.
– doesn’t care if you haven’t called in a while.
– will put someone in their place for you if they talk bad about you.
– won’t entertain drama if it’s unnecessary.
– will tell you to decide what’s right for you instead of everyone else.

And most importantly, they’re the same wonderful person with everyone else.

That’s what friends are for — at least in my eyes.
How do you define true friendship?


  1. Masshole Mommy

    I wish I had a friend like that. I am so bad at maintaining friendships and have lost so many people from my life over the years.

  2. Tara Settembre

    "doesn't care if you haven't called in a while." agree and with a true friend you can pick things up like no time as passed 🙂

  3. Charlotte TheMummyToolbox

    I completely agree, The friends I have kept in touch with the most are the ones who live their lives and let me live mine and then when we meet up it's like nothings changed. I know they are there for me no matter what and I hope they know I am there for them.

  4. Dollhouse Goddesses

    I love this, so heartwarming! We are all about lasting friendships at OUDH!

  5. meyer137

    Friends are those who are there when you need them. We dont always have time to be with someone as often as we should in the craziness that is life, but friends are always there!

  6. Skye McLain

    My best friend like this lives in Germany but it is so nice because when we do get together – it is like we have never missed a beat!

  7. Kait

    I LOVE that list at the end. True friends seem like they are harder and harder to come by these days (what's up with that?!), so I especially love that your friend has been in your life so long.

  8. Beeb Ashcroft

    Having a friend who is willing to tell you to straighten up as well as tell somebody to back off you is priceless. The person who listens for hours to the same thing and still acts like it's new news. I love friends like that and I love being one in return.

  9. ana de jesus

    I think you know when you have made a friend for life and if you have that gut instinctthen go for it. So lovely to hear how you guys became friends.

  10. Housewife Eclectic

    I love friends like this. Friends that are so amazing, they are family. I have a couple of those.

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