The Importance Of Reading To Your Little One

unnamed (1)Bedtime is the perfect time to let your imagination wonder.

Bedtime stories are not only fun but are critical to your child’s development. Aside from creating special parent-child bonds and preparing your child to fall asleep, researchers are noticing a connecting between other “powers” to this nighttime routine.  Whether you are helping Princess Cupcake Jones find her missing tutu or hoping to get her to go to school, you are actually boosting your child’s brain development.

“Neural research shows that when parents and caregivers interact verbally with children — which includes reading to them — kids learn a great deal more than we ever thought possible,” according to G. Reid Lyon, Ph.D., Chief of the Child Development and Behavior Branch of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Bethesda, MD.

The benefits of reading to your child go beyond improving logic skills, it can help lower stress levels as well. Recent studies have shown that bedtime stories can rewire children’s brains to quicken their mastery of language.

Why You Should Read Outloud
Children learn to love the sound of language before they even notice the existence of printed words on a page, as noted in a Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) article.

By reading outloud parents are stimulating their child’s imagination and expanding their understanding of the world. Doing so helps with language development and listening skills as well prepares them for easier understanding of the written word.

As noted in the RIF piece, “when the rhythm and melody of language become a part of a child’s life, learning to read will be as natural as learning to walk and talk.”

Need a new bedtime story for your little one? Check out the Princess Cupcake Jones series by Ylleya Fields. Click here to read a recent MomViews segment with the author on teaching your child the importance of cleaning up. 

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