The MoveWe’re in the process of heading down South this week and it’s been crazy. My father has been helping us by keeping Sebastian company and attending to his needs while Jeff and I pack. We’re pretty strategic about it, using ideas we found on Pinterest to wrap fragile items and more.

As excited as we are to start our new life, we’ll miss our home in Jersey. Jeff says he’ll miss how easy it is to set up the house to entertain guests. I’ll miss the memories we’ve made in this house: how excited we were to paint Sebastian’s room once we decided on a color; our first two weeks from the hospital; Rocky’s accidents; hurricane Sandy; the people we’ve met through the years; and more.

Packing isn’t what gets me a little emotional, I actually enjoy doing that. It’s when I sit back and realize how slowly everything we’ve put into this home is being placed into a box. But we’re not only taking our things, we’re also taking the memories we’ve made here with us and preparing ourselves to create new ones in a different state and in a new environment.

I’ll miss my parents most. Lately they’ve been good with the move, and my mom’s actually okay about me being a stay-at-home mom until Sebastian starts school. She didn’t agree at first, but she’s warmed up to the idea.

So, tonight I raise my cup of apple juice high, and celebrate to new beginnings.

Hope everyone is having a great week. ‘Til tomorrow, loves.

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