The Pain Of Childbirth Recovery

Having experienced both a c-section and a VBAC, I can tell you that labor is not only exhausting but also very painful. The two childbirth experiences have been life-changing. 
An emergency c-section was the last thing on my mind when I found out I was pregnant. I cried knowing that I couldn’t push my son out into the world, but I never knew I’d be able to do it the second time around. 
Recovering From It All
The healing process was a lot smoother with natural birth. Although I did tear during all the pushing, and did need to heal two to three weeks after everything, the second time around was nothing compared to the first. 
The pain from my operation meant I needed to hold back from doing certain things. I couldn’t really carry much, except for my newborn. 
Everything caused pain, and I had to hold my side to cough, laugh, and even when I needed to use the bathroom. 
There was this constant fear that if I made any sudden moments, I’d have to be rushed back to the hospital because I wouldn’t be tore open my incision. Thankfully, that never happened. And I was pretty active during my c- section recovery. Of course, with the help of loved ones. I took Motrin when the pain would get unbearable, but that was two to three times. 
And that was the tough part. 
Going through the recovery of natural birth was painful because of the tear. But aside from that, it was simple, at least compared to my c-section recovery. 
Going to the bathroom made me cry. Urine is acidic, and every time it touched my stitches, it was like someone lit a match. A burning sensation that would last a good two minutes. Thankfully the hospital has given me creams and pain killer sprays to help. 
Regardless of how much pain I’ve encountered during both recoveries, I cannot complain about the love I have found in being a mom. 
These boys spoil me, and I love it.  
How was your childbirth recovery? 


  1. All The Things I Do

    That sounds rough. I don't have kids but I was born via c-section. My friend had a baby last week and had to have an emergency c-section right before they were going to induce and I would like to hear more about how you recovered from that.

  2. Liz

    C-Section recovery sounds really hard. I have heard some people say it must be easier because of the lack of labour but to me the recovery sounds much, much harder. I had a vaginal birth, with some tearing and stitches and I was actually surprised at how quickly I healed. Sitting was a big tough, especially when people came to visit and left me the hardest chair to sit on, and I can relate to the peeing for sure.

  3. Justine Y @ Little Dove Creations

    I have not had a C-section, which I am extremely grateful for. I know you have a lot of restrictions on lifting and things like that so I ca't even imagine having to go through that now that I have four little ones to take care fo at home.
    For me, I feel like each recovery has gotten a little bit better. And it definitely helps that I didn't tear or get cut at all last time. The difference in recovery with no stitches was incredible!

  4. Jen Bosen

    I feel SO lucky to have had fairly easy recoveries with all 3 of mine. The first was the worst, mostly because I lost so much blood after she was born and was weak and tired for nearly a month. My last baby, though? 11 lbs and I was up and about like no big deal. Go figure!

  5. Alicia Snow

    Recover is so hard! It's like, I have to take care of a newborn, can you cut me a break on the whole body recovering part? I've only had one so far and hoping the recover gets easier (I hear it does for some people).

  6. XO Kerry

    I also had a csection and reading this brought back so many memories! It was only 14 months ago but I think I repressed it. Ha. Coughing or laughing was the worst! And don't get me started on using the bathroom! I felt like my who-ha was going to fall out for weeks! Thanks for sharing your story 😉

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