Deciding your own future is one thing, and helping your children decide their own is another. 
Making the right choices starts when they’re small. And it begins with you — the parent. 
Now that Sebastian is turning three in July, I have so many questions about where I’d like to place him for his elementary school years. 
Before moving to South Florida, I knew my heart was set on Catholic school. My brothers and I attended Catholic school for 12 years and it was the best decision my parents made for us. 
But will it be the same for my boys? It might sound silly, but I don’t know what to do. Having Sebastian in preschool has been a challenge for us, both financially and mentally exhausting for me. Driving across town just to get him on time only to be back two hours later for pickup. I’m spending 80 minutes a day driving to and from his school, back to our home. 
As we slowly begin to narrow down the towns we’d like to search for homes, there’s still a lot of researching that needs to take places. 
I think I’ve researched every public school available, and honestly, none really stands out. 
There’s a really good Catholic school by our home, and it was my second choice for the boys. The first choice is in the town we hope to live in one day, but that won’t be for another year or so. 
I’m stuck wondering whether or not I’d be making the right choice in having him attend the school close to home or taking the drive to the other town every day for whatever time it takes to figure out things. 
I wish I had the right answers, or at least a preview to what each option may lead to. That would definitely make things easier. 
What would you do? 

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