Oct 012015
Fall always reminds me of change and how beautiful it can be. But for some, change can be very stressful. 
Dealing with change means adjusting to something new. Whether it’s the change of season or changes within your everyday life, sometimes it feels as though you only get a limited amount of time to enjoy these moments.  
Embracing The Moments 
I often wonder how long I have with my family. I may be healthy, but you just never know when it’ll be your time to go. 
Sometimes I wonder how different life would be if I had limited time, but if you think about how much time has gone by, you’ve already experienced having less time to appreciate the moments in life. 
There are little moments that we get to repeat with family and friends, like our family walks around the community or trips to local beaches/parks. But those precious ones, like Sebastian’s birth or watching him take his first steps, I’ve never get to experience again. 
Thinking Of The Positives
In about a month, we’ll be welcoming our second child. This will stir up new and old emotions for Jeff and I. As excited as we may be we know this means more responsibility. But at the same time, it means more memories.
Sometimes it’s tough to think of the positives when you have a million things going through your mind. Oftentimes you just focus on your To-Do list instead of embracing the little moments. 
Having limited time can actually be a blessing. Below are two main reasons why:
– You appreciate the time you have with those you love; and 
– You can set boundaries for yourself.

Fatima Torres

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